Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diet Journal- Day 15

Breakfast: milo jer
snack in between: kekacang
lunch: veges+ ayam sikit+ ikan kembung sambal tumis sikit
tea: plain water + one slice pisang goreng

workout as usual
berat: pg td timbang xturun.. still at 59kg... maybe sbb stress and xcukup tido so berat pun xturun.. maybe kene pg jugak morning walk or evening walk... hmm i'll try my best to do so but it seems there are many obstacles that i faces nowadays... and this always happening to me when I am working hard to get rid of my extra pound... it seems that i cannot put myself at the first place.. the kids must on top of priority list... apa2 pun even kalau i terpk nk mintak kerja, God will put test on me.... kdg2 i xpaham, but kdg2 i think i understand HIS message... however it is I always pray and ask his forgiveness and guidance.... oh mawar pls be strong!!!


  1. bawa anak2 jalan petang mawar...just think positive it helps ;)

  2. bit, ptg2 asyik hujannnnn jer sinih tau... ku sukak hujan tp dh ler xproductive nih... hmm... mungkin kene pg evening walk kt soping complex kot.. hehehe...